Assessment – The Writing Process

Help with Writing Assessment

  • Teachers to gain an understanding of what the students have or haven’t learned.

There are many methods of assessment that can be implemented for teachers to gain an insight to what the students are learning. Teachers should ensure that a variety of assessment methods are used and cater for diverse abilities and cultures. Some ways that we could assess student development and achievement in writing are as follows:

Observations: Monitoring is vital for student success. Teachers are observing their students every day, from the moment they step through the door noticing how students are behaving, feeling. This extends when children are working we assess how they are engaged, how they are getting along with their peers. Observations of children and how they carry out the writing process allow teachers to gain insight to the ideas of the child and how they are being portrayed through their text. It gives children who find getting their ideas on paper a chance to prove that they are capable learners.

-Book discussion Conferences

-Editing and Proofreading conferences

See Home page for more information.

An Example of a Student led conference.

Providing feedback is important in all aspects of writing because it allows children to reflect on their writing skills, and improve their performance throughout all the levels of assessment.

Have a look at what not to do.

Teachers should pretty much be carrying out some form of assessment at all times as they are always evaluating themselves and how they can improve or adjust their teaching to cater for their students. Teachers also must consistently assess so that they are aware of the progress of their students and where their level of development is at in order to support them. For example during roving conferences a teacher may realise that a third of her class is having trouble with the use of adjectives in their writing. She may then implement a mini lesson to further support that group of children so that they are able to achieve their full potential.

-The completion of different types of writing tasks

-Adhering to the structure of different genres and text types

-A sense of audience and fulfilment of the intended purpose


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